Interdisciplinary Biology, Biomedicine, and Chemistry

A Doctor of Science that will prepare you for a career bridging key fields in science

The Interdisciplinary Doctor of Science in Biology, Biomedicine, and Chemistry at East Carolina University takes a unique approach to the study of science. By combining biology, biomedicine, and chemistry, our PhD in science introduces students to the connections between fields and the opportunities for building a strong foundation in key skills and knowledge to find rewarding careers in academic, manufacturing, government, and the private sector.

Unlike many PhD in biological science programs, we help you develop as a well-rounded scientist with expertise that transcends the traditional boundaries between disciplines. Earning a degree from our biology, chemistry, and biomedical sciences PhD program will shape you into an experienced professional prepared for a variety of careers.

Earn a Doctor of Science designed with you in mind

The field of science is vast, with chances for exciting positions in many industries. That’s why we offer three concentrations in our interdisciplinary doctoral program to help you tailor your course of study to align with your career goals. Choose between:

Why earn an interdisciplinary Doctor of Science at ECU?

Our biology, chemistry, and biomedical sciences PhD program offers an exceptional educational experience founded on experiential learning, community, and equity and diversity both inside and outside the classroom. When you join our interdisciplinary doctoral program, you’ll benefit from:

World-class faculty

When you earn your interdisciplinary Doctor of Science from ECU, you’ll have access to highly distinguished faculty mentors from three departments. And thanks to the small size of our program, you’ll receive the academic and professional attention of our faculty through guided research and certificate programs to enhance skills and knowledge in certain areas of science.

Active student life

Earning a PhD in science at ECU is about so much more than a remarkable education. It’s also about community. As a member of our biology, chemistry, and biomedical sciences PhD program, you can join the Biology Graduate Student Association, the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, the American Fisheries Society, and even participate in Nerd Nite Greenville.

Generous funding

Choosing to earn your PhD in biological science, biomedical science, and chemistry from ECU is a big investment of your time and energy. That’s why we invest in you with scholarships that cover tuition, health insurance, and a competitive stipend as a graduate research assistant or a graduate teaching assistant. Earn money while gaining valuable research and teaching experience.

Courses you will take in the interdisciplinary doctoral program

At East Carolina University, our PhD in science integrates student-centered learning with hands-on learning to help you stand out from the crowd as you apply for jobs and promotions. Depending on your concentration, you’ll take advanced courses in your desired field. Topics included in each concentration include:

  • Biology: Enjoy a broad exposure to topics that range across all the life sciences, including molecular genetics, plant biotechnology, ecology, and physiology.
  • Biomedicine: Dive into basic science or clinical departments in the Brody School of Medicine. Broad areas of research opportunities include cancer biology, immunology, biochemistry, toxicology, and neuroscience.
  • Chemistry: Study the relationships between chemical, biological, and basic biomedical sciences in a department that focuses on experimental and computational methodologies to study biologically important compounds.

What can you do with your PhD in biological science, biomedical science, and chemistry?

The most important benefit of earning an interdisciplinary Doctor of Science from ECU is the wide range of career settings available to you after graduation. From hospitals and laboratories to rivers and universities, your expertise can take you anywhere you want to work.

The skills at the core of our interdisciplinary PhD in science

As a member of our biology, chemistry, and biomedical sciences PhD program, you will build a versatile skill set in the sciences and related fields that can help you in nearly any industry. We designed our interdisciplinary doctoral program around these central skills:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Innovative and ethical thinking
  • Furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Research

Where are interdisciplinary doctoral program graduates working?

When students graduate with their PhD in biological science, biomedical science, and chemistry from ECU, they are more than ready to begin the careers of their dreams. Past graduates have found employment in academic, government, and private industry positions.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for biochemists with a PhD in science is projected to grow through 2030, adding about 3,200 jobs each year. Medical scientists with a Doctor of Science can expect an even more impressive job outlook, with 12,600 new jobs each year.

Get started on your PhD in biological science, biomedicine, and chemistry

Take the next step toward earning your Doctor of Science at ECU. Want to learn more about the biological, chemistry, and biomedical sciences PhD program? We have the resources to answer all your questions and help you get started.

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